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The string is a data type that holds a sequence of characters like the alphabet, special characters, and numbers. In VBA we can manipulate strings… Read More
While dealing with numbered data, we generally come across a variety of problems that hamper our work. One such problem of separating numbers and percentages… Read More
The STDEV.P Function is ordered under Excel Statistical capabilities. STDEV.P will work out the standard deviation that depends on a whole populace given as contentions.… Read More
The BINOM.DIST Function is ordered under Excel Statistical capabilities. It works out the binomial distribution likelihood for the number of triumphs from a predetermined number… Read More
We have noticed a general trend that with an increase in the height of a person, its weight also increases. This happens because there is… Read More
Excel is a tool that is used by accounting professionals for financial data analysis. However, it can be used by anyone for various purposes. A… Read More
Intersection points can be beneficial in finding insights into the data, As intersections give the same values for different data sets. Excel can help to… Read More
Dynamic arrays are resizable arrays that calculate automatically and return value into multiple cells based on a formula entered in a single cell. The new… Read More
Linear Interpolation means estimating a missing value by connecting dots in the straight line in increasing order. It estimates the unknown value in the same… Read More
Excel is a powerful tool for organizing, storing, and visualizing large volumes of data. Data is entered in a rectangular block(intersection of rows and columns)… Read More
Excel is a tool for storing, organizing and managing a large volume of data. It uses rows and columns to store the data. This tool… Read More
Assume we have a considerable rundown in the worksheet (1000 columns or more), and we truly do channel to show just a few cells of… Read More
Use CONCATENATE, one of the text capabilities, to join at least two text strings into one string. Significant: In Excel, Excel Mobile, and Excel for… Read More
Excel is a powerful data visualization and analysis software, which uses spreadsheets for managing, storing, and visualizing a large amount of data. A cell, a… Read More
Excel is a tool for storing, organizing, and visualizing a large volume of data. It uses a rectangular block known as a cell to store… Read More

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