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Functions in Excel are the pre-defined formulae used to obtain a certain value and to perform calculations using the specific value in a certain order.… Read More
Microsoft provides many built-in functions to speed up your work in Excel. However, you can technically create functions using VBA coding called “user-defined functions” (UDFs).… Read More
A step Chart is a kind of line chart which uses horizontal and vertical lines to connect two different data points and forms a step-like… Read More
While working with formulas in spreadsheets, we might get error values. These error values are often shown in the cells as error indicators. Sometimes, they… Read More
Data Analysis with Excel is a detailed lesson that gives readers a clear understanding of the newest and most sophisticated functions offered by Microsoft Excel.… Read More
The idea of sample size in statistics refers to deciding how many observations or replicates—repeated experimental conditions—should be included in a statistical sample to quantify… Read More
Excel is widely used for data management, and practically everyone utilizes it these days. At the same time, it is extremely user-friendly. Excel offers a… Read More
The Point-Biserial Correlation Coefficient is a correlation metric that measures the degree of relationship between a continuous and a binary variable. The connection between a… Read More
The NORMDIST Function is one of Excel’s Statistical functions. For a given mean and standard deviation, it will yield the normal distribution. That is, for… Read More
The WEEKDAY function produces a number between 1 and 7 that corresponds to specific days of the week. WEEKDAY, by default, assumes a Sunday-based week… Read More
A number greater than 1 with no positive divisors besides 1 and the number itself is referred to as a prime number. In this article,… Read More
The string is a data type that holds a sequence of characters like the alphabet, special characters, and numbers. In VBA we can manipulate strings… Read More
While dealing with numbered data, we generally come across a variety of problems that hamper our work. One such problem of separating numbers and percentages… Read More
The STDEV.P Function is ordered under Excel Statistical capabilities. STDEV.P will work out the standard deviation that depends on a whole populace given as contentions.… Read More
The BINOM.DIST Function is ordered under Excel Statistical capabilities. It works out the binomial distribution likelihood for the number of triumphs from a predetermined number… Read More