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Excel is a tool for storing and managing a large volume of data. It uses rows and columns to store the data. This tool is… Read More
Excel is the tool for storing and managing a large amount of data. Data is entered in a rectangular block which we called a cell.… Read More
Excel is a spreadsheet developed by Microsoft for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. The calculation, computation, visualization tools, pivot tables, and VBA are all available… Read More
Excel provides various functions and methods by which we can compare two columns and identify matching and mismatching data. Working with a very large excel… Read More
Excel is powerful data visualization and data management tool. It is used to store, analyze, and create reports on large amounts of data. It is… Read More
When you work on excel you’ll probably be assigned a task to sort data alphabetically in ascending or descending order and it is quite an… Read More
In Excel, we can easily add the digits of a number. Usually, calculations that involve multiple values can be dealt with the help of array… Read More
Microsoft Excel allows its users to store raw data in a well-structured format in a spreadsheet. The spreadsheets consist of numerous cells in the form… Read More
Deleting blank columns and rows is a tedious task when you are working with a large set of data. And manual deletion is not even… Read More
In Excel, we can add different comma-separated numbers that are present in the same cell of an excel sheet. Look at the example below, there… Read More

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