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Data Table is a tool present in Microsoft Excel as one of the three What-If Analysis tools namely Scenario Manager, Goal Seek, and Data Table.… Read More
The reality of things has completely changed, making data visualization a necessary aspect when you intend to make any decision that impacts your business growth.… Read More
A drop-down list is a fantastic method for giving the client a choice to choose from a pre-characterized list. It tends to be utilized while… Read More
Fleiss’ Kappa is a method for estimating the level of understanding between at least three raters when the raters are relegating straight-out evaluations to a… Read More
We have noticed a general trend that with an increase in the height of a person, its weight also increases. This happens because there is… Read More
Suppose anytime you work with colossal tables of data and you want to implant a VLOOKUP function that dynamically updates to the accompanying portion as… Read More
Excel has the functionality to print its data directly from the excel sheet itself. But here comes the problem, if you have data of 300… Read More
This instructional exercise will show how to robotize information passages in Excel. While managing vast information, it could be almost difficult to include each datum… Read More
Broad information examination can be done utilizing PivotTables and produce wanted reports. The joining of the Data Model with PivotTable improves how the information is… Read More
The setting for Power Pivot… If you are a successive Excel client, then you are most likely acquainted with turn tables. They are utilized for… Read More
All the time there is a necessity in Excel to look at two records or two informational indexes to track down absent or matching things.… Read More
While choosing which vertical query recipe to utilize, most Excel specialists concur that INDEX MATCH is a preferable equation over VLOOKUP. Be that as it… Read More
Excel is a powerful tool to store, organize and visualize large volumes of data. A cell, a rectangular block is used to store each data… Read More
In order to make the format more usable, it’s possible to “flatten” the pivot table in Excel. To do this, click anyplace on the turn… Read More
Power Pivot is a data modeling technique that lets you create data models, establish relationships, and create calculations. We can work on large data sets,… Read More

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