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In Excel, you must have seen an error message before filling up any application form, admission form, and many other forms. It asks us specific… Read More
Many a time while working with Microsoft Excel or MS Excel or Excel, we came up with a situation where we have duplicate values in… Read More
A nested ANOVA is a sort of ANOVA (“examination of fluctuation”) in which something like one component is settled inside another element. For instance, assume… Read More
Covariance is a statistical term that signifies the direction of the linear relationship between two variables. The direction usually refers to whether the variables vary… Read More
Microsoft Excel is a great software that is used by individuals to store data in the form of spreadsheets in a formatted manner. Microsoft Excel… Read More
Excel is one of the best ways to organize and present a large amount of data. However, finding data in excel requires certain commands. In… Read More
Power Query is a tool that is available in Microsoft Excel that simplifies the process of importing data from different sources and sorting them into… Read More
Excel Flash Fill is a highly time-saving tool that allows you to automatically fill in values. Flash Fill tries to detect the consistent pattern you… Read More
Finance management plays an important role in an organization or in the personal finance of people’s life. In order to manage finances organizations have a… Read More
Two-Variable Data Table is a very significant tool for what-if data analysis. With the help of two-variable data tables, we can find all possible trends… Read More
Slicers and Timelines in Excel are used to implement with the Excel tables and Pivot Tables to help in filtering out large amounts of data… Read More
Leader Lines are the lines that connect data labels and data points in a chart. Before excel 2013 leader lines were available only for pie… Read More
Slicers are one of the best tools to analyze data quickly. Slicers can only be applied to tables and pivot tables. They help filter data… Read More
Merging data into a single sheet is a crucial and significant skill to know. For example, you have the monthly sales of a company in… Read More
Sorting Data By Color allows us to segregate the data cells of a specific color. There can be many ways to sort by color like… Read More

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