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The charts are the visual representation of data in both rows and columns. They are used to analyze the trends and patterns in the datasets.… Read More
Chart formatting is used to easily add a certain set of styles such as colors, patterns for data representation, legends, axis title, chart title, etc.… Read More
A matrix is a sort of visualization that, like a table, is made up of rows and columns. A matrix, on the other hand, may… Read More
For whatever visualization we decide to make with Power View, we start by generating a Table, which is the default, and then quickly convert the… Read More
MS Excel is a very important tool for businesses as well as for individuals with very useful features and tools. It is a market leader… Read More
Apache POI is a popular open-source Java library that provides programmers with APIs for creating, modifying, and editing MS Office files. Excel is very excellent… Read More
A tiny, quick, self-contained, highly reliable, fully-featured serverless, zero-configuration, transactional SQL database engine is implemented by SQLite, an in-process C language library. The most popular… Read More
Excel sheets are the most important method to share data with others. Like other Microsoft Office products, it is also widely used by many users… Read More
Excel’s built-in date system by default supports dates between January 1, 1900, and December 31, 9999. In this range, the numbers start at 1 and… Read More
A formula is a mathematical expression that computes a cell’s value. Functions are predefined formulas found in Excel. Based on the values specified as arguments… Read More
Dashboards are a report technique that visually presents critical metrics or a data summary to allow for quick and effective business decisions. Excel is capable… Read More
Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application that has been used by millions of people worldwide for more than three decades. Pivot tables, graphing tools, calculations,… Read More
Spreadsheets are another name for Excel sheets. Microsoft Excel was created in 1985 for Apple’s Macintosh computer. The data is arranged into rows and columns.… Read More
A path is a unique location for a file or a folder. There are broadly two types of paths, absolute path, and relative path. An… Read More
Microsoft created the spreadsheet Excel for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. Excel offers calculation, computation, visualization tools, pivot tables, and VBA. You will find a… Read More

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