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Use Power Query to create a single table from numerous files with the same schema that are saved in the same folder. For instance, you… Read More
An organization chart is used to represent the hierarchy of the data in the dataset. Generally, we use an Organization chart to represent the hierarchical… Read More
In order to execute complicated data analysis, reporting, and visualization tasks in Microsoft Excel, users must employ a collection of tools, functions, and features called… Read More
Writing and running commands or queries on a database are often required for data retrieval. The database searches for and obtains the desired data using… Read More
A pivot table is a tool for summarizing data that is derived from larger tables. A database, an Excel spreadsheet, or any other data that… Read More
Data labels can be both elegant and helpful. You may add freeform text and formatting to your data labels as well as rich, resizable text… Read More
Microsoft created and released the spreadsheet program known as Excel. It comes from the Microsoft Office family of productivity programs. Excel groups data into columns… Read More
Excel 2013 introduces the Format pane. It offers advanced formatting choices in clean, bright new task windows, and it is also highly useful. When you… Read More
In Excel, a data model is a form of the data table in which two or more tables are linked by a common or many… Read More
Excel Templates are used to increase the overall productivity of an individual or organization. These templates allow us to perform and optimize our spreadsheet in… Read More
The charts are the visual representation of data in both rows and columns. They are used to analyze the trends and patterns in the datasets.… Read More
Chart formatting is used to easily add a certain set of styles such as colors, patterns for data representation, legends, axis title, chart title, etc.… Read More
A matrix is a sort of visualization that, like a table, is made up of rows and columns. A matrix, on the other hand, may… Read More
For whatever visualization we decide to make with Power View, we start by generating a Table, which is the default, and then quickly convert the… Read More
MS Excel is a very important tool for businesses as well as for individuals with very useful features and tools. It is a market leader… Read More

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