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Ethical Hacking – Misc

MBone (short for “multicast backbone”) is a virtual network built on top of the Internet that provides a multicasting facility to the Internet. It was… Read More
Pre-requisites: Penetration Testing and Reverse Engineering  Radare2, or “r2,” is a powerful and versatile open-source reverse engineering toolkit. It can be used to analyze, disassemble,… Read More
Pre-requisite: Malware In late 2017 the Astaroth Malware was first detected in multiple countries and was mostly used in various cyberattacks. It is a Trojan… Read More
DarkHotel is a notorious cybercrime group that has been active since at least 2007. The group is known for targeting high-level executives and government officials… Read More
Ophcrack is a free, open-source tool that can be used to recover lost Windows passwords. It works by using pre-computed tables to crack password hashes,… Read More
WhisperGate is a type of malware that can be used to gain access to a victim’s computer or device. This malicious software can be used… Read More
In today’s digital world, software supply chain security is a major concern for organizations. In the age of cyber threats, cybercriminals can use a variety… Read More
In essence, password auditing programs make guesses about the credentials being used on your network. They accomplish this using a combination of brute force and… Read More
The National Vulnerability Database (NVD) provides a way for vendors to have research into their products publicly disclosed so that people can find and review… Read More
Wireless networks are becoming very common in the enterprise, with many devices utilizing it as a primary communication method. Although these networks provide convenience and… Read More
According to a recent Verizon study, 63% of confirmed data breaches are due to the use of weak, stolen, or default passwords. There is a… Read More
The codebook attack is a very common password hacking technique where the hacker guesses the passwords of a user by using common phrases and words… Read More
Cybersecurity threats are and on the rise, organizations need to be able to identify and stop breaches before they happen. While most cybersecurity teams are… Read More
Cookie tampering is a method in which the attacker manipulates or modifies the information of the stored data on a web browser. This includes all… Read More
There are currently 592 payload modules in the latest Metasploit Framework release. Before moving forward let’s begin with what is payload and basics of payload,… Read More

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