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Models, Views, and Controllers (MVC) patterns are used by CodeIgniter to organized the files. This helps us to maintain the data, the presentation, and flow… Read More
A development environment is an environment in which all the resources and tools are available which are used to develop a program or software product.… Read More
In this article, we will discuss the difference between responsive design and adaptive design. Both are the designing part of a website but how both… Read More
Postman is a cutting-edge Automation tool, which can be used for API testing, Automated Unit testing, and Integrated testing. The automation uses inherent functions provided… Read More
Buttons serve to be an important component of web pages as they help improve the overall user experience. So it is quite important to learn… Read More
Directory Traversal Attack is a kind of Brute-force attack which will give potential access to restricted files and directories. This attack can also tell the… Read More
We can add a default search text to the search box by using the JavaScript DOM getElementById() method and the onfocus & onblur events. getElementById():… Read More
In this article, we would be discussing how to insert audio files to your WordPress website step by step. Some of the usages of inserting… Read More
Failure in terms of a database can be defined as its inability to execute the specified transaction or loss of data from the database. A… Read More
Oracle Application Express (Oracle Apex) formerly called HTML DB. It is a rapid web application development tool for Oracle databases & available by default in… Read More
Redundant Array of Independent Disks(RAID) is virtual disk technology that combines multiple physical drives into one unit. This is a method of improving the performance… Read More
The transaction isolation levels in DBMS helps in overcoming the concurrency issues like dirty read, phantom read, and non-repeatable read. Both snapshot and serializable isolation… Read More
We come across horizontal menus on almost every website. Pure CSS helps us implement such menus with ease by using the pure-menu class. Pure-menu class… Read More
WebSockets WebSockets is a complicated technology that permits real-time interactive bidirectional communication between the client browser and a server. This is accomplished by establishing a… Read More
HTTP stands for hypertext transfer protocol & it is used in client-server communication. By using HTTP user sends the request to the server & the… Read More

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