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By people as a resource, we mean people who form part of the workforce and play a significant role in economic growth by contributing to… Read More
The people of a country are the most important resource for any economy. Not only does it play an important role in the growth and… Read More
Poverty reduction or poverty relief, is a set of measures, both profitable and philanthropic , that are intended to permanently lift people out of poverty.… Read More
‘People as Resource’ is an approach to alluding to a nation’s functioning individuals regarding their current useful abilities and capacities. Taking a gender at the… Read More
The Story of Village Palampur is a narrative that introduces basic concepts of the production activities of a hypothetical village called Palampur. The hypothetical village… Read More
Palampur village is a fictional community, and the tale will show how diverse resources are combined to provide the village’s desired goods and services. Palampur’s… Read More
Poverty refers to a situation of not having sufficient money or goods to live comfortably. When individuals lack the resources to meet their fundamental necessities,… Read More
Poverty refers to the situation of not having enough money to meet the needs of food, clothing, and housing. Every fourth person in India is… Read More
Poverty occurs when a person is unable to obtain the most basic necessities of life. When parents are unable to send their children to school,… Read More
Poverty is an unsettled issue that affects the Indian population to this day; even more so is the identification and estimation of those who are… Read More
When a person is unable to get the minimum basic necessities of life this situation is known as poverty. Poverty means that the income level… Read More
Poverty is a state or condition in which an individual or community lacks the financial resources and necessities for a basic standard of living. Each… Read More
Food security refers to ensuring adequate food supply to people, particularly those who are malnourished. In India, food security has been a major concern. According… Read More
A cooperative society is an organization owned and run by the people using its goods and services. They are a worldwide phenomenon with various definitions… Read More
The basic concept of food security is multi-dimensional and means something more than getting two square meals. Food security is described by the United Nations… Read More

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