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Nature park is a place that has been designated as a protected natural area by long-term land planning, resource management, and restrictions on agricultural and… Read More
Eugene Odum defined an ecosystem as These biotic and abiotic components linked by nutrient cycles and energy flows. An ecosystem is a functional unit that… Read More
To save mother earth, it is very important to conserve our plants and animals. The backbone of our planet is plants and animals so it… Read More
Without woods, life on Earth would not be possible. As the planet’s lungs, the forests and oceans play a critical role in the fight against… Read More
Soil is a critical natural resource. Soil is the earth’s thin surface layer composed of mineral particles formed by the breakdown (weathering) of rocks, decayed… Read More
The Logistic growth model expects that each person inside a populace will have equivalent admittance to assets and in this way an equivalent opportunity for… Read More
The outermost layer of the earth is called the crust. The crust is covered with a mixture of organic and inorganic material called soil. Soil… Read More
Unicellular life processes refer to the operations of several organs and organ systems that sustain the existence of organisms. Every living thing on Earth relies… Read More
The term biodiversity was created by Ernst Haeckel in 1866. He used the term to refer to the variety of species found within a particular… Read More
Any organic, living system that performs as a distinct individual unit is referred to as an organism in biology. All living things are made up… Read More
Before going to know about the Omnivore animal we have to know the clear concept of Omnivore animals and those details like what they eat… Read More
The term “wildlife” refers to non-domesticated animal species. As a result, any living organism found in the forest is associated with wildlife. It can be… Read More
Plants and animals are the backbones of life on Earth; it is critical to conserve them and keep them from becoming extinct, as this helps… Read More
Ecologists study how organisms interact with their surroundings on earth. Population ecology is a more specific field of study of how and why the populations… Read More
The theory of a food web, before known as a food cycle, is commonly credited to Charles Elton, who first presented it in quite a… Read More

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