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Communication between two processes in a distributed system is required to exchange various data, such as code or a file, between the processes. When one… Read More
Consider we are given with a set of grocery stores where the head of all store wants to query about the available sanitizers inventory at… Read More
1. Eventual Consistency : Eventual consistency is a consistency model that enables the data store to be highly available. It is also known as optimistic… Read More
Vector Clock is an algorithm that generates partial ordering of events and detects causality violations in a distributed system. These clocks expand on Scalar time… Read More
Distributed databases brings advantages of distributed computing which consists huge number of processing elements, elements may be heterogeneous. Elements are connected with network which help… Read More
1. Client/Server : Client/server is developed to deal with various computing environments that have a large number of computers and servers connected together via a… Read More
CORBA and DCOM are two middleware solutions for handling distributed objects. These solutions provide better commanding over distributed computing objects but the question is which… Read More
1. Centralized Database:  A centralized database is basically a type of database that is stored, located as well as maintained at a single location only.… Read More
1. Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM) : PVM is a type of software tool which is designed for heterogeneous distributed computing. This software was created at… Read More
Logical Clocks refer to implementing a protocol on all machines within your distributed system, so that the machines are able to maintain consistent ordering of… Read More
DSM implements distributed systems shared memory model in an exceedingly distributed system, that hasn’t any physically shared memory. The shared model provides a virtual address… Read More
A Distributed database is defined as a logically related collection of data that is shared which is physically distributed over a computer network on different… Read More
Concurrent processing is a computing model in which multiple processors execute instructions simultaneously for better performance. Concurrent means, which occurs when something else happens. The… Read More
There are various important goals that must be met to build a distributed system worth the effort. A distributed system should easily connect users to… Read More
Distributed Database Systems is a kind of DBMS where databases are present at different locations and connected via a network. Each site in a Distributed… Read More

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