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The diameter of a tree is the number of nodes on the longest path between two leaves in the tree. The diagram below shows two… Read More
The diameter of a tree (sometimes called the width) is the number of nodes on the longest path between two leaves in the tree. The… Read More
Directi came for the role of DevOps for the first time in our college. The selection process had Pen-Paper round followed by a Coding round… Read More
Directi came to our college to hire Software Developers. They came for 2 positions: Application Engineer and Platform Engineer. Coding Round This round was on… Read More
QUES 1) Problem Statement You are in a food logistics business. You have N jugs, each with unlimited capacity. Initially, each jug contains exactly 1… Read More
Directi came for 3 profiles in our campus for full time role – Platform Engineer, Application Engineer, Operation Engineer. Process for Plat. and App. profile… Read More
We need to make a string of size n. Each character of the string is either ‘R’, ‘B’ or ‘G’. In the final string there… Read More
Given a matrix of size n x n, find the sum of the Zigzag sequence with the largest sum. A zigzag sequence starts from the… Read More
K-Nearest Neighbours is one of the most basic yet essential classification algorithms in Machine Learning. It belongs to the supervised learning domain and finds intense… Read More
Given a N x N matrix, determine the maximum K such that K x K is a submatrix with all equal elements i.e., all the… Read More
Given an array of size N which is initialized with all zeros. We are given many ranges add queries, which should be applied to this… Read More
Given two numbers N and A, find N-th root of A. In mathematics, Nth root of a number A is a real number that gives… Read More
Given a dictionary, a method to do a lookup in the dictionary and a M x N board where every cell has one character. Find… Read More
Given a matrix of N rows and M columns, consists of three value {r, g, b}. The task is to find the area of the… Read More
Given two arrays of positive integers of size m and n where m > n. We need to maximize the dot product by inserting zeros… Read More

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