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Given two numbers A and B, A<=B, the task is to find the number of unary numbers between A and B, both inclusive.Unary Number: Consider… Read More
Given a Number . The task is to check if N is a Trojan Number or not.Trojan Number is a number that is a strong number… Read More
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About the Company Recruitment Process Questions asked in Directi Interview Experiences Where To Apply About the Company: Directi comprises of a group of tech businesses… Read More
Method of applying : I applied to Directi via employee referral. Round 1: Online coding round (Codechef , 90 minutes) Problem 1 : Easy, Adhoc Statement… Read More
Given n, how many distinct Max Heap can be made from n distinct integers?Examples:   Input : n = 3 Output : Assume the integers are… Read More
Three questions were asked.  I remember 2 only. My Personal Notes arrow_drop_up Save
Given an positive integer n. Count the different numbers that can be generated using digits 1, 2, 3 and 4 such that digits sum is… Read More
Given a m x n matrix mat[][] containing positive integers. The problem is to reach to the cell (m-1, n-1) from the cell (0, 0)… Read More
Recently Directi visited our campus for full time hiring for the position of Platform Engineer. Online Round:(90 min) It was conducted on codechef. There were… Read More
Known to have one of the most rigorous interviews in the industry. The company offers two positions Directi Database/ Web developer Application Engineer 1st… Read More

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