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Round 1 (Written) An aptitude test, scheduled on AMCAT platform was taken comprising of 74 Questions for 95 Minutes. There were three segments namely English… Read More
Round 1 (Online test)- There were three questions-  Ques1 – In this one basically had to calculate the mean in an array but with some… Read More
I am a final year student at NIT Jalandhar pursuing my bachelor’s in Instrumentation and Control Engineering. Recently, my campus placement started and Deloitte visited… Read More
This is a summary of my experience in the selection process of Deloite was carried out in NIT Calicut. The criteria for the role above… Read More
Deloitte USI came into our college with two profiles:- Business Technology Analyst (BTA) – Consulting A&A Analytics Assistant – Technical Profile We had to give… Read More
Hello everyone! I’m going to shed some light on how the selection process of Delloite USI was carried out in PES University/PESIT.  Three roles were… Read More
Deloitte USI visited our campus for the Analyst profile. The CGPA cutoff was 6.5 and all branches were eligible for B.Tech and only CS/IT for… Read More
Deloitte USI visited our campus(PES) to hire for three roles of Analyst-Risk and Financial Advisory, Analyst-Consultancy, Enabling Areas & Global(This is more for technical). CGPA… Read More
Deloitte USI visited our campus to hire for the role of Business Technology Analyst. CGPA cut off was 6.5 and all branches were eligible (including… Read More
Deloitte USI (The Indian branch catering to US clients) had come to my college offering a full-time Associate Analyst position. It was open to all… Read More
Hello Everyone, Deloitte visited our college(Vellore Institute Of Technology, Vellore) for 4 profiles in total, out of which one was for the guys having Post… Read More
Round 1:AMCAT ONLINE TEST Round 1 was on an online test conducted on AMCAT which consisted of  questions 1)English Language on basic grammar, sentence completion,… Read More
Selection Procedure: Consisted of three rounds. There were 3 profiles namely, Business Technology Analyst – Deloitte USI (BTA), Analyst – Deloitte India and Product Strategy and… Read More
Hello Everyone! Deloitte Visited our campus for interviews for BTA ( Business Technology Analyst) Profile. Round 1: Aptitude was conducted by Aspiring minds(AMCAT) It consisted… Read More
Deloitte visited our campus (NIT Andhra Pradesh) on 19-8-2019. There were 3 rounds. 1. Aptitude test: Hosted on amcat aspiring minds platform. The test was… Read More

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