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A substring is defined as a contiguous part of a string, i.e., a string inside another string. Substrings of String “geeks” Characteristics of Substring:  Starting… Read More
A subsequence is defined as a sequence that can be derived from another string/sequence by deleting some or none of the elements without changing the… Read More
An undirected graph is a type of graph where the edges have no specified direction assigned to the them. Example of undirected graph Characteristics of… Read More
Unstable sorting algorithm can be defined as sorting algorithm in which the order of objects with the same values in the sorted array are not… Read More
Outdegree of a vertex is defined as the number of outgoing edges from a vertex in a directed graph. Significance of Outdegree: The outdegree of… Read More
A stack is defined as a linear data structure that is open at one end and the operations follow the Last-In-First-Out (LIFO) order. Example of… Read More
A Queue is defined as a linear data structure that is open at both ends and the operations are performed in the First In First… Read More
A matrix is a two-dimensional array that consists of rows and columns. It is an arrangement of elements in horizontal or vertical lines of entries.… Read More
A linked list is a linear data structure used for storing a sequence of elements, where each element is stored in a node that contains… Read More
Sorting is defined as the process of arranging a collection of data elements in a specific order, usually in ascending or descending order based on… Read More
A palindrome is a word, phrase, number, or sequence of characters that reads the same backward as forward. In other words, if you reverse the… Read More
Recursion is defined as a process which calls itself directly or indirectly and the corresponding function is called a recursive function. Properties of Recursion: Recursion… Read More
A max heap is a complete binary tree in which every parent node has a value greater than or equal to its children nodes. Example… Read More
Hashing is defined as a data distribution technique that transforms given key into a different value using hash function for faster access to data. Characteristics… Read More
Indegree of a vertex is defined as the number of incoming edges incident on a vertex in a directed graph. Significance Of Indegree: Indegree of… Read More

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