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Year() : Function in Microsoft Access is used to return the year part of a given date. Syntax : Year (date) Parameter : This method… Read More
Sequence : A sequence is a list of numbers, in an ordered manner. For example, {1, 2, 3} is a sequence and {3, 2, 1}… Read More
1. Month() Function : In MS Access, the Month() function returns month part for a given date. In this function, it will take the date… Read More
1. MonthName() Function : MonthName() Function returns the month name based on the number. In this function the first parameter will be the month number… Read More
Orphan users are the users which are available in the database level but their mapped logins not available in the server level. Orphan users are… Read More
The ALTER SCHEMA statement used to transfer a object from a schema to another schema in the same database. Syntax : ALTER SCHEMA target_schema_name TRANSFER… Read More
Referential Actions allow a user to either update or delete a column from the parent table. If a column is removed from the parent table,… Read More
1. Replace() Function : In MS Access The Replace function will replace a substring by another substring with a specified number. In this function, the… Read More
1. Str() Function : In MS Access, the Str() function return a number in the string format. In this function, we can pass any number… Read More
CHAR() : This function could be used to find the character based on the ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) code. CHAR() function do… Read More
Prerequisite – Foreign key in MS SQL Server A column can be inserted in a child table only if it is a part of the… Read More
The DEFAULT Constraint is used to fill a column with a default and fixed value. The value will be added to all new records when… Read More
1. UCASE() : This function could be used to convert a string to upper-case. This function is similar to the UPPER() function. UPPER()\UCASE() are built-in MySQL… Read More
REPLACE() function could be used to replaces all presence of a substring within a string, with a new substring. REPLACE() function is a case-sensitive. Syntax… Read More
The CREATE INDEX statement will create indexes in tables.  Indexes are used for data procurement from the databases faster. The users cannot see the indexes,… Read More