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Argument modes are basically used to describe the behavior of the formal parameters. There are three types of argument modes which are used in the… Read More
DATE_FORMAT() Function : In MariaDB, the DATE_FORMAT() function uses two parameters – a date as specified by a format mask. In this function, the first… Read More
Snapshot is a recent copy of the table from the database or a subset of rows/columns of a table. The SQL statement that creates and… Read More
To manipulate and fetch date values from the table, oracle has inbuilt date functions. Here, we are going to cover Date manipulating functions in SQL.… Read More
LOG10() function in MySQL is used to calculate the natural logarithm of a specific number with base 10. The number must be greater than 0,… Read More
WEEK() function in MySQL is used to find week number for a given date. If the date is NULL, the WEEK() function will return NULL.… Read More
Before creating a TABLE, it is always advisable to check whether the table exists in SQL Server database or not. Alternative 1 : Using the… Read More
In this article, we will discuss CURDATE and CURRENT_TIME function, and also, we will see the working of both functions with the help of an… Read More
1. ADDDATE Function : In this function when a time/date interval added then ADDDATE function returns a date that is the actual functionalities of ADDDATE… Read More
CURRENT_TIMESTAMP() function in MySQL is used to check the current date and time value. In MySQL function, CURRENT_TIMESTAMP is needed when you need to keep… Read More
Foreign Key is a column that refers to the primary key/unique key of other table. So it demonstrates relationship between tables and act as cross… Read More
1. SIGN Function : In MariaDB, The SIGN Function is used to returns a value indicating the sign of a number. In this function, a number… Read More
1. Max() Function : In MariaDB, the Max() function is used to returns the maximum value of an expression. In this function, a query is… Read More
1. DEGREES() Function : In MariaDB, The DEGREES Function converts a radian value into degrees. In this function, a number will be passed as a… Read More
1. RADIANS() : In MariaDB, RADIANS() function is used to return a value in degrees converted to radians. In this function, a number (an angle… Read More

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