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1. Now() Function : In MariaDB, Now Function has used to returns the current date and time. In this function, No parameter will be passed.… Read More
1. PERIOD_ADD Function : In MariaDB, The PERIOD_ADD () takes a period (formatted as YYMM or YYYYMM) and adds a specified number of months to… Read More
As we know that we can use MySQL to use Structure Query Language to store the data in the form of RDBMS. SQL is the… Read More
MONTH() function in MySQL is used to find a month from the given date. It returns 0 when the month part for the date is… Read More
QUARTER() function in MySQL is used to return the quarter of the year for a given date value. It returns a number from 1 to… Read More
1. MAKEDATE() Function : In MariaDB, the MAKEDATE() Function is used to return the date for a certain year and day-of-year value. In this function,… Read More
PERIOD_DIFF() function : This function in MySQL is used to return the difference between two specified periods. Here the returned results will be in months… Read More
1. POWER() Function : In MariaDB, the POWER() function is used to returns m raised to the nth power. In this function, two parameters will… Read More
SQLite Data Type is a quality that defines the type of data of any object. SQLite is different from other database systems, it uses dynamic… Read More
PERIOD_ADD() function in MySQL helps to add a specific number of months to a given period. The PERIOD_ADD() function will return the resultant value in… Read More
EXP() function in MySQL is used to returns E raised to the power of a specified number. Here E(2.718281…) is the base of the natural… Read More
Prerequisite – How to find Nth highest salary from a table Problem Statement : Write an SQL query to find the nth largest value from the… Read More
LN() function : It is the function in MySQL is used to calculate the natural logarithm of a specific number with base e . The… Read More
Argument modes are basically used to describe the behavior of the formal parameters. There are three types of argument modes which are used in the… Read More
1. LN() Function : In MariaDB, the LN() function is used for the natural logarithm of a number. In this function, a number will be passed… Read More

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