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Pre-requisites: Data Mining Techniques Data mining has incorporated many techniques from other domain fields like machine learning, statistics, information retrieval, data warehouse, pattern recognition, algorithms,… Read More
K-MEDOIDS  is a partitional clustering algorithm that is slightly modified from the k-means algorithm. They both attempt to minimize the squared error but the k-medoids… Read More
The histogram is old method used to plot the attributes in a graph. Histo means to plot and gram means chart. So basically histogram is… Read More
In recent days there is a tremendous development in technology. With recent technological advances in such areas as IT and biomedicine, many are facing issues… Read More
Outlier detection is currently thought to be a crucial data mining work with a variety of applications, including the detection of credit card fraud, criminal… Read More
Multilayer Feed-Forward Neural Network(MFFNN) is an interconnected Artificial Neural Network with multiple layers that has neurons with weights associated with them and they compute the… Read More
The increasing power of computer technology creates a large amount of data and storage. Databases are increasing rapidly and in this computerized world everything is… Read More
The discrete wavelet transform (DWT) is a signal processing technique that transforms linear signals. The data vector X  is transformed into a numerically different vector,… Read More
An outlier is an object that deviates significantly from the rest of the objects. They can be caused by measurement or execution errors. The analysis… Read More
Data Mining is a quite strong field to execute advanced examination of data as well as it carries off techniques and mechanisms from statistics and… Read More
A data warehouse is a centralized data management system that combines, integrates, and groups information from various sources into a single repository. Data warehousing facilitates… Read More
The data warehouse is a core repository that performs aggregation to collect and group data from various sources into a central integrated unit. The data… Read More
The surrogate key is a unique identifier of a row/record in a relational table. It is added to each dimension table which does not include… Read More
Star schema is the fundamental schema among the data mart schema and it is simplest. This schema is widely used to develop or build a… Read More
A data warehouse is a Data management system that is used for storing, reporting, and data analysis. It is the primary component of business intelligence… Read More

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