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Which data structure is used for balancing of symbols? (A) Stack (B) Queue (C) Tree (D) Graph Answer: (A) Explanation: Stack is used for balancing… Read More
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The time complexity of computing the transitive closure of a binary relation on a set of n elements is known to be: (A) O(n) (B)… Read More
Which of the following tree traversal uses a queue data structure? (A) Preorder (B) Inorder (C) Postorder (D) Level order Answer: (D) Explanation: Level order… Read More
Which traversal of tree resembles the breadth first search of the graph? (A) Preorder (B) Inorder (C) Postorder (D) Level order Answer: (D) Explanation: Breadth… Read More
Which of the following traversal outputs the data in sorted order in a BST? (A) Preorder (B) Inorder (C) Postorder (D) Level order Answer: (B)Explanation:… Read More
Following is an incorrect pseudocode for the algorithm which is supposed to determine whether a sequence of parentheses is balanced:  C declare a character stack… Read More
Consider the following pseudocode that uses a stack  C declare a stack of characters while ( there are more characters in the word to read… Read More
How many distinct binary search trees can be created out of 4 distinct keys? (A) 4 (B) 14 (C) 24 (D) 42 Answer: (B) Explanation:… Read More
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The degree sequence of a simple graph is the sequence of the degrees of the nodes in the graph in decreasing order. Which of the… Read More