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Tag Archives: Data Structures-B and B+ Trees

Prerequisite: Introduction of B+ treesIn this article, we will discuss that how to insert a node in B+ Tree. During insertion following properties of B+… Read More
Which of the following is FALSE about B/B+ tree (A) B/B+ trees grow upward while Binary Search Trees grow downward. (B) Time complexity of search… Read More
B+ trees are preferred to binary trees in databases because (GATE CS 2000) (A) Disk capacities are greater than memory capacities (B) Disk access is… Read More
Which one of the following is a key factor for preferring B-trees to binary search trees for indexing database relations? (A) Database relations have a… Read More
Consider a B+-tree in which the maximum number of keys in a node is 5. What is the minimum number of keys in any non-root… Read More

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