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Tag Archives: Dart-OOPs

Dart is an Object-oriented language and is quite similar to that Java Programming. Dart is extensively used to create single-page websites and web applications. The… Read More
In dart, the subclass can inherit all the variables and methods of the parent class, with the use of extends keyword but it can’t inherit… Read More
Method overriding occurs in dart when a child class tries to override the parent class’s method. When a child class extends a parent class, it… Read More
Getter and setter methods are the class methods used to manipulate the data of the class fields. Getter is used to read or get the… Read More
In Dart, one class can inherit another class i.e dart can create a new class from an existing class. We make use of extend keyword… Read More
Dart is an object-oriented programming language, so it supports the concept of class, object … etc. In Dart, we can define classes and objects of… Read More
An Abstract class in Dart is defined as those classes which contain one or more than one abstract method (methods without implementation) in them. Whereas,… Read More

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