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Tag Archives: Dart Data-types

A property is a field variable declared inside a class. There are three types of properties in Dart: Read-only Property: You can only read these… Read More
In Dart, by default collections are heterogeneous. However, by the use of generics, we can make a collection to hold homogeneous values. The use of… Read More
Vector is a module in Rust that provides the container space to store values. It is a contiguous resizable array type, with heap-allocated contents. It… Read More
Dart language provides a pre-defined data type called boolean which can store two possible values, either true or false. To declare a boolean variable in… Read More
The Dart programming language is considered type safe, meaning it ensures that the variable’s value always matches the variable’s static type through a combination of… Read More
Like other languages (C, C++, Java), whenever a variable is created, each variable has an associated data type. In Dart language, there is the type… Read More
In Dart programming, Maps are dictionary-like data types that exist in key-value form (known as lock-key). There is no restriction on the type of data… Read More
In Dart programming, List data type is similar to arrays in other programming languages. List is used to representing a collection of objects. It is… Read More

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