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Round 1(Online Test): Online test on hirepro platform (Technical MCQ’s and 2 coding questions(1 easy, 1 medium)). Round 2(Logiks Test): 50 aptitude questions in 12… Read More
About the Company: Danske IT is the Information Technology department of Danske Bank, which is the biggest bank in Denmark. Its only Indian office is… Read More
Company Name: Danske IT Round 1: Preliminary Shortlisting on CGPA (8.0 and above) Round 2: This had 3 sections. First had 10 MCQ from CS… Read More
Date: 22/8/2020 1st Round Details : The online test was conducted on hirepro platform. The test had 3 sections, MCQ’s and coding. The first MCQ… Read More
Danske IT visited our campus in Aug 2020 and the entire placement process was online. Round 1 (1st Online Test): The test was conducted on… Read More
Online Round 1: The placement procedure began with an online test comprising of technical MCQ’s and coding (C++/Java/C#). Online Round 2: Students who cleared the… Read More

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