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Some recruiter from DE Shaw contacted me asking to fill a tedious form. She then told hiring team will review the form along with the… Read More
Given a matrix mat consisting of * and lowercase English alphabets, the task is to find the character which has the maximum number of *… Read More
Given a number print the immediate smallest number formed by re-arranging the digits of a given number. Print “Not Possible” if it is not possible to… Read More
DE Shaw One coding question (Graph BFS – Number of islands ) 10MCQS( Technical)  Samsung Semiconductor(Bangalore) 3 Hour 1 coding question  Samsung research(Bangalore) 1.5 hours 3 coding question  Microsoft 1.5 hours 3… Read More
Round 1: Online coding round conducted on Hacker Rank (60 minutes) Four Sections – First section,   Time – 20 minutes 1 coding question Given… Read More
ROUND-I: Time allotted: 1hr 10mins 20 Technical Aptitude-very basic questions were asked. 12 General Aptitude-questions are a little hard. 8 Logical Aptitude-questions are a little… Read More
  Online [Coding] Round: The test had three sections – Coding, Technical and Aptitude. It was hosted on HackerRank. Coding round had 2 questions – Time… Read More
Round 1: This was a coding round. There were two coding questions on the online platform(Hackerrank). Test Duration was 50 minutes. First Question  You are… Read More
Given a binary string find the longest substring which contains 1’s more than 0’s. Examples:  Input : 1010 Output : 3 Substring 101 has 1… Read More
Round 1: Online Round This round was conducted on Hackerrank platform. It had 3 sections. First section  consisted of 2 coding questions and time allotted… Read More
Round 1: It was a coding test on HackerRank platform. Two simple algorithmic questions were asked there which required basic knowledge on STL (for C++)… Read More
Online Round: First round consisted of one coding question: There is an array of pile of  chocolates, in every iteration Ayushi chose pile with maximum… Read More
Round 1: It was an online coding round. Two problems in 45 minutes – An easy problem. Simply based on sorting the given data based on some indices… Read More
DE Shaw came to my college for recruiting Systems and Operations Engineer interns. Round 1: Online test The first round was an online test which… Read More
Technical Test: 1. Given a matrix consisting of ‘*’ and characters, print the character having maximum number of stars aside it (including diagonal elements too).… Read More

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