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COVID-19 has impacted the whole world in many ways forcing us to stay indoors, preventing social interactions, changing the way many businesses, educational institutions, companies… Read More
Prerequisite : DevOps, NoOPs Introduction : In this post, we’ll look at DevOps, NoOps, FinOps, and other related ideas that help businesses be more flexible and… Read More
We can figure out what caused the reboot through a few different methods. We’ll go through those methods in this post and use accessible programs… Read More
In the last few decades, data privacy and security has become the primary concern to everyone. Due to the rise in technological advancements and the… Read More
Santoku is a bootable Linux distribution that is focused on mobile forensics, analysis, and security. It comes with pre-installed platform drivers SDKs, and utilities and… Read More
In this article, we will understand one of the types of Cross-Site Scripting in-depth, i.e. Stored XSS. What is Stored Cross-Site Scripting? Stored Cross-Site Scripting… Read More
In this article, we will discuss one of the most seen vulnerabilities in web-based applications, which is — Reflected XSS. What is Cross-Site Scripting: Cross-Site… Read More
DNS (Domain Name System) allows you to interact with devices on the Internet without having to remember long strings of numbers. Each computer on the… Read More
Overview :Hacking is that the activity of characteristic weaknesses throughout a knowledge processing system and a network to require advantage of the security to comprehend… Read More
Any assault activity performed by cybercriminals is called a cyber attack. It is a process in which a criminal uses one or more computers against… Read More
Introductions :Identity Access and Management is abbreviated as IAM. In simple words, it restricts access to sensitive data while allowing employees to view, copy and… Read More
 Blind XSS Vulnerability Blind XSS is quite similar to stored Cross-Site Scripting attack where the input provided by the attacker is saved or stored by… Read More
Overview :Data loss protection solutions are becoming increasingly popular in today’s world. The enterprise is searching for measures to decrease the danger of sensitive data… Read More
Overview :In popular media, the term “hacker” refers to someone who uses bugs and exploits to get into someone else’s security, or who uses his… Read More
In today’s world, due to huge advancements on the internet, we can find anything and everything on the internet. Need something good to eat? Order… Read More

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