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Juice Jacking is a type of Cyber Attack which involves data theft during the charging of devices on public places. You might have seen a… Read More
Reconnaissance, It is the first step that is involved in the process of ethically hacking or penetrating a Cyber Asset. Reconnaissance is the process in… Read More
Network Security refers to the measures taken by any enterprise or organization to secure its computer network and data using both hardware and software systems.… Read More
Two-factor Authentication refers to the use of any two self-reliant methods from the various authentication methods. Two-factor authentication is used to ensure that the user… Read More
Malware is a software that gets into the system without user consent with an intention to steal private and confidential data of the user that… Read More
Zed Attack Proxy is an open-source security software written in Java programming language and released in 2010. It is used to scan web applications and… Read More
As we know the Data encryption standard (DES) uses 56 bit key to encrypt any plain text which can be easily be cracked by using… Read More
Broken Authentication is in one of the OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities. The essence of Broken Authentication is where you (Web Application) allow your users to… Read More
In a recent study by Verizon, 63% of the confirmed data breaches are due to either weak, stolen, or default passwords used. There is a… Read More
Do you how much is lost in cybercrime annually? It is estimated that at least $600, 000, 000, 000 is drained out of the global economy… Read More
Unvalidated Redirects and Forward Vulnerability, also sometimes referred to as URL Redirection Vulnerability, is a type of bug found in the Web Application. In this… Read More
The system administrator typically, responsible to manage and secure sensitive data of the large organization’s in a sustainable manner. Overall it is his cardinal approach… Read More
Content-control method can strengthen a company´s online security profile and reduce productivity loss. It can also be used to conserve bandwidth by blocking access to… Read More
Hashing is mainly used for authentication purposes. Salting makes password hashing more secure. Salting is an extra action during hashing. If two clients have the… Read More
Device hardening is a collection of tools and techniques to reduce vulnerability and helps in securing the network. Some of these methods involve Mutual Authentication,… Read More

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