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Increased mobility of the devices, the concept of remote access to a network, and many more opportunities like these have complicated the complete task of… Read More
Digital evidence is our major issue of concern in Forensic investigation. Forensic investigators need to absolutely assure of the fact that the data they obtain… Read More
Every time we read about White Collar Crimes, there is always a newer and bigger one getting exposed. One is forced to ask a question-… Read More
Chain of Custody refers to the logical sequence that records the sequence of custody, control, transfer, analysis and disposition of physical or electronic evidence in… Read More
As the realm of the Internet, Technology, and Digital Forensics constantly expand, there is a need for you to become familiar with the ways they… Read More
CAINE Linux stands for Computer Aided Investigative Environment. It is an Italian Linux live distribution, a digital forensics project that was started in 2008. It… Read More
The Information Technology Act, 2000 also Known as an IT Act is an act proposed by the Indian Parliament reported on 17th October 2000. This… Read More
Prerequisite – Authentication and Authorization Authentication is the process of verifying the identity of a user or information. User authentication is the process of verifying… Read More
1. Antivirus : Antivirus is a type of software program that helps in protecting the computer system from viruses. It detects the viruses in the computer… Read More
We all are very familiar with the cyber threats around us and these are Rapidly increasing day by day. So to Protect the Organization from… Read More
1. Rivest-Shamir-Adleman (RSA) algorithm :  RSA stands for Rivest-Shamir-Adleman. It is a cryptosystem used for secure data transmission. In RSA algorithm, encryption key is public… Read More
Data, a word which is now spoken every time one or the other way, people are working in corporate throughout the day with small scale… Read More
In this IT era, majority of the cyberspaces are vulnerable to different kinds of attacks.  Zero-day exploit is a type of cyber security attack that… Read More
When doing Windows Forensic Analysis, it can be quite overwhelming to see a large amount of data that one needs to collect, assuming you know… Read More
Phishing is one of the longstanding and dangerous methods of cybercrime. But do you know how to spot a phishing email? How to protect yourself… Read More

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