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With the rapid growth of network bandwidth and digital-communication techniques, the Internet is available to the majority of the population and it also becomes the… Read More
In today’s world, every single organization has to keep a regular check on its assets, information, systems, and data due to the steep increase in… Read More
In today’s world, the majority of people are generally aware that malicious users and hackers can steal their confidential information through various attacks. However, most… Read More
Considering the rapid increment of cyber-attacks and vulnerabilities in the tech world, CyberSecurity seems to be only growing in demand!! Even as per the reports,… Read More
The past few years have been filled with shocks for the IT industry. The wave of global ransomware attacks that struck from 2017 to 2019… Read More
Privacy, Data Privacy, Digital Privacy, Social Media Privacy, privacy from trackers, privacy from government, All these things have became very important these days. One of… Read More
Spam is generally the unwanted bulk emails that come up from unsolicited sources. Spams are basically sent in huge numbers for commercial advertising. In this… Read More
Filters are used to check whether the input entered by user is following the accepted standard or not. Filters are used either in browser (client… Read More
Log generation and analysis is an important part of the IT industry. It is a process of reviewing, examining, and understanding log files like network… Read More
DNS(Domain Name System) is a host-name to IP address interpretation service. It is an application layer protocol for message exchange among users and servers. Each… Read More
Businesses tend to thrive with the timely sharing of information or data. It is important for the teams in an organization to have access to… Read More
A C&C- Command, and Control server is basically a computer in control of a hacker or any cybercriminal, etc. which is maliciously used for commanding… Read More
Prerequisites : 1. Ethical Hacking | Footprinting. 2. Software Testing | Penetration Testing. Penetration Testing (or Pen Testing) refers to process of testing organization’s security… Read More
Cyber Security is procedure and strategy associated with ensuring touchy information, PC frameworks, systems, and programming applications from digital assaults. Cyber assaults are general phrasing… Read More
XXE or XML External Entity attack is a web application vulnerability that affects a website which parses unsafe XML that is driven by the user.… Read More

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