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Introduction :As we can see that today’s world is making much pace with the technology we are using various Computer-Based devices through which we do… Read More
KeyLogger is specifically designed to capture the keystrokes entered by the user. It is one of the most basic software which, may seem harmless, but… Read More
Social engineering is a specialty of controlling individuals to unveil delicate data to perform some malicious action. Despite security policies, attackers can compromise an organization’s… Read More
An IP address represents an Internet Protocol address. A unique address that identifies the device over the network. It is almost like a set of… Read More
There are various definitions one can get to know about hackers. The term hacker was used in the early 1990s and it was to describe… Read More
Anti-Virus : The computer which we use today has become a crucial part of our lifestyle. Without them, it’s almost impossible for our daily works… Read More
Cybersecurity is like Tom and Jerry! While Tom always tries new ways to catch Jerry, he manages to escape in some way or another. Most… Read More
In this article, we will discuss some emerging attack vectors with their potentially high impact on the security of web application. We will cover Introduction… Read More
Domain :A domain is what follows the “www.” in a website’s address and follows “@” in an email address. Talking in technical terms, the domain… Read More
Password cracking is one of the imperative periods of framework hacking. Password cracking is the way toward recuperating passwords from the information sent by a… Read More
It is a program that is designed to record any input entered by the user from the keyboard. It is also used in organizations to… Read More
Cyber Security :Cybersecurity, as the name suggests, is a process or measures taken by organizations or experts to protect devices, computer networks, or data from… Read More
Prerequisite: Keyloggers Introduction to KeyLogger It is software designed to record the keystrokes done by the user. This is one of the most basic software… Read More
Footprinting is the first step of an attack on information systems in which an attacker collects information about a target network for identifying various ways… Read More
Sub-domain Takeover :  Sub-domain takeover is a common and most popular vulnerability. If you are not aware of such kind of vulnerability, you can understand… Read More

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