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What is Block Formatting Context (BFC)? Block Formatting Context is a layout concept used in CSS to determine the position and size of elements on… Read More
A cascade layer is declared using the @layer CSS at-rule, which can also be used to specify the hierarchy of precedence when there are multiple… Read More
The content-visibility CSS property is used to set whether the element will be rendering its contents or not, forcing a solid set of containments, and… Read More
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Minimal shape rotating loader is a basic CSS animation, where we will make a loader animation with 3 box shapes, & they will be rotated… Read More
In this article, we will see how the @counter-style rule can be used to customize each list item style in CSS. Most of the cases… Read More
Minimal Fading balls loader is a basic CSS animation, where the loader animation will be utilized to engage the user until when a specific page… Read More
Swinging ball balance on a bat is a basic CSS animation where the bat will move slightly back and forth direction in order to move… Read More
A Shimmer Effect is much in trend to produce an illusional glass effect on articles, texts, or images. This might seem a very extravagant property… Read More
In this article, we will see how to create the Carousel column expansion animation on a hover using CSS. Carousel Column expansion animation is a… Read More
Tweening in CSS basically means animations. It can be seen that the roots of tweening are in computer animation and not exactly in CSS. In… Read More
Details Element is an element in HTML to create a Dialog box with some summary that can open or close. In this article, you will… Read More
Most mobile applications and websites have some eye-catching animation that tries to grab the attention of the user, these animations trigger some event fire or… Read More
Text Switching animation is an essential part of modern web engagement concepts. There are many types of Text Switching animation, depending on your imagination as… Read More
In this article, we will understand the difference between the `scroll` & `auto` values for the overflow CSS shorthand property. The Overflow property specifies the… Read More

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