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The purpose of this article is to send the form data and credentials to PHP backend using AJAX in an HTML document. Approach: Create a… Read More
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EasyUI is a HTML5 framework for using user interface components based on jQuery, React, Angular and Vue technologies. It helps in building features for interactive… Read More
The bind() method in jQuery is used to attach one or more event handlers for selected element and this method specifies a function to run… Read More
Bootstrap: It is a free open source CSS framework that is used to build responsive websites i.e., the UI will not distort irrespective of the… Read More
Project Introduction: In this article, we will discuss how to design a transparent login webpage using HTML and CSS. Project Structure: index.html style.css index.html  … Read More
A slider is a set of frames in a sequence that can be traversed respectively. This article exhibits the approach to build a slideshow with… Read More
Before we dive in to CSS Flexbox, let us learn about Pre Flexbox Pre Flexbox: A recap of some properties in CSS which might be… Read More
Both location and location.href are used to set or return the complete URL of your current page. They return a string which contains the entire… Read More
CSS | flex-box Flex-box is simply a web layout method that allows developers to align the elements easily and much more. The whole concept of… Read More
This is a Default behavior of the table cells that there is some space between their Borders. To remove this space we can use the… Read More
In this article, we are going to discuss how to trigger the window resize event using jQuery. For this purpose, we will use the following… Read More
There is no direct method to download and submit the form simultaneously, but we can perform this task if we control the form submission and… Read More

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