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Mixins can be used to group styles that can be assigned different values and can be used multiple times like function. We can also pass… Read More
SASS Nesting makes our work very efficient, we don’t have to repeat outer selectors again and again. We can write nested selectors in the order… Read More
Parent selector is a special type of selector in SASS, which allows us to reuse the outer(Parent) selector in an efficient way. See the example… Read More
SASS supports boolean values: true false It is used in conditional compilation where the expression evaluates to either of these values. Assign a boolean value… Read More
Shadowing and Flow control are methods of changing the value of variables. These two methods are very useful when we are working with a SASS… Read More
Interpolation is basically an insertion. Interpolation allows us to interpolate sass expressions into a simple SASS or CSS code. Means, you can define ( some… Read More
@if, @else, @else-if allows us to control flow in SASS file compilation like JavaScript. @if: @if block will be compiled if the value of the… Read More
CSS form is used to create interactive form for user. It provides many ways to set the style. There are many CSS properties available which… Read More
It is basically an image which is a collection of different images put together to form a single image. The use of image sprites is… Read More
The Media query in CSS is used to create a responsive web design. It means that the view of a web page differs from system… Read More
The shadow effect property in CSS is used to add text and images shadow in HTML document. Text Shadow: The CSS text-shadow property is used… Read More
The Gradient in CSS is a special type of image that is made up of progressive & smooth transition between two or more colors. CSS… Read More
A transformation in CSS is used to modify an element by its shape, size and position. It transforms the elements along the X-axis and Y-axis.… Read More
It allows to change elements using 3D transformations. In 3D transformation, the elements are rotated along X-axis, Y-axis and Z-axis. There are three main types… Read More
CSS Animation: CSS Animations is a technique to change the appearance and behavior of various elements in web pages. It is used to control the… Read More

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