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The C# programming language documentation tag <inheritdoc/> states that a documentation comment must inherit documentation from a base class or implemented interface. Syntax <inheritdoc [cref="link-ref"]… Read More
Abstraction is the process to hide the internal details and show only the functionality. The abstract keyword is used before the class or method to… Read More
Abstract Class is the way to achieve abstraction. It is a special class that never be instantiated directly. This class should contain at least one… Read More
Inheritance is a basic aspect of object-oriented programming. A superclass, also known as a base class, is a class whose members are inherited, whereas a… Read More
Method Overriding is a technique that allows the invoking of functions from another class (base class) in the derived class. Creating a method in the… Read More
Introduction: Multiple inheritance refers to the ability of a class to inherit from multiple base classes. C# does not support multiple inheritance of classes, but… Read More
Introduction: In object-oriented programming, inheritance is the ability to create new classes that are derived from existing classes, known as base or parent classes. Inheritance… Read More
Introduction: Inheritance in constructors is a feature in C# that allows a derived class to inherit the constructor of its base class. This means that… Read More
Method Overriding in C# is similar to the virtual function in C++. Method Overriding is a technique that allows the invoking of functions from another… Read More
Introduction: Inheritance is a fundamental concept in object-oriented programming that allows us to define a new class based on an existing class. The new class… Read More