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Voice can be an option for bio-metric authentication but the main question is can it provide the same level of accuracy as other bio-metric techniques… Read More
Pre-requisite: Hamming code Hamming code is a set of error-correction codes that can be used to detect and correct the errors that can occur when… Read More
Given a string, the given string is an encrypted word, the task is to decrypt the given string to get the original word. Examples: Input:… Read More
Encryption in cryptography is a process by which a plain text or a piece of information is converted into cipher text or a text which… Read More
Cryptography is technique of securing information and communications through use of codes so that only those person for whom the information is intended can understand… Read More
Prerequisite – SHA-1 Hash, MD5 and SHA1  Both MD5 stands for Message Digest and SHA1 stands for Secure Hash Algorithm square measure the hashing algorithms… Read More
In cryptography, confusion and diffusion are two properties of the operation of a secure cipher. Both Confusion and Diffusion are used to stop the deduction… Read More
In cryptography, it is a very tedious task to distribute the public and private keys between sender and receiver. If the key is known to… Read More
Prerequisite: LSB based Image steganography using MATLABIn LSB based Image steganography using MATLAB, we saw how to hide text inside an image. In this article,… Read More
Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) is one of the most severe vulnerabilities which can be exploited in various ways- from changing user’s info without his… Read More
Authentication, the process of identifying and validating an individual is the rudimentary step before granting access to any protected service (such as a personal account).… Read More
The uncertainty principle of quantum physics builds the earliest foundations for quantum cryptography. With quantum computers of the future being expected to solve discrete logarithmic… Read More
Challenge Response Authentication Mechanism (CRAM) is the most often used way to authenticate actions. They are a group of protocols in which one side presents… Read More
We divide core defences in web applications into three areas: Handling User Access, Handling User Input, and Handling Attackers. These are explained as following below.… Read More
RSA algorithm is an asymmetric cryptography algorithm which means, there should be two keys involve while communicating, i.e., public key and private key. There are… Read More

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