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What are Malwares? Malware has always been a serious cause of concern for the antivirus and coding experts. These days the malware has evolved to… Read More
Prerequisite – RSA Algorithm in Cryptography  Security of RSA:- These are explained as following below.  1. Plain text attacks: It is classified into 3 subcategories:-  Short message… Read More
The steps required to create a digital certificate involves three parties first the end user, second the registration authority and third is certificate authority. The… Read More
In cryptography, block ciphers are very important in the designing of many cryptographic algorithms and are widely used to encrypt the bulk of data in… Read More
Prerequisite – Digital Signatures  The Direct Digital Signature is only included two parties one to send a message and the other one to receive it.… Read More
Information System Security or INFOSEC refers to the process of providing protection to the computers, networks and the associated data. With the advent of technology,… Read More
As we know the Data encryption standard (DES) uses 56 bit key to encrypt any plain text which can be easily be cracked by using… Read More
SSH(Secure Shell) is access credential that is used in the SSH Protocol. In other words, it is a cryptographic network protocol that is used for… Read More
The increase in the usage of computer systems has given rise to many security concerns. One of the major security concern is authentication, which is… Read More
Hiding some data is known as encryption. When plain text is encrypted it becomes unreadable and is known as ciphertext. In a Substitution cipher, any… Read More
Companies use a variety of data concealing techniques to protect their confidential data from attackers. Some of these methods to conceal data are given below:… Read More
Chaumian Blinding is a technique for carrying out a transaction, without revealing who all are present at both sides of the transaction, the time of… Read More
Blowfish is an encryption technique designed by Bruce Schneier in 1993 as an alternative to DES Encryption Technique. It is significantly faster than DES and… Read More
Message Digest is used to ensure the integrity of a message transmitted over an insecure channel (where the content of the message can be changed).… Read More
When we send our data from the source side to the destination side we have to use some transfer method like the internet or any… Read More

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