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At first, there was a test regarding Linux-based operating systems. There were 18 multiple-choice questions. Whoever is qualified for that test would be eligible for… Read More
Crest data systems came to our campus for offering internships and jobs to final-year graduates. There was 1 online round, 1 technical round, and 1… Read More
Introduction About CREST DATA SYSTEM: CREST DATA SYETEM is growing startup. they are working on many advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, AWS… Read More
Recently, Crest Data Systems visited our college for offering  internship for the final year I am happy to tell you that I cracked this opportunity… Read More
Interviewed in 2019. Online Test (Test Duration was 3 hours): The online test had 3 sections: Aptitude, Verbal & logical Reasoning Basic Coding & Debugging… Read More