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Shortest Remaining Time First (SRTF) is the preemptive version of Shortest Job Next (SJN) algorithm, where the processor is allocated to the job closest to… Read More
Prerequisite: Round Robin Scheduling with arrival time as 0 A round-robin scheduling algorithm is used to schedule the process fairly for each job a time… Read More
Implementing priority CPU scheduling. In this problem, we are using Min Heap as the data structure for implementing priority scheduling.  In this problem smaller numbers… Read More
Prerequisite – Program for Round Robin scheduling  In the traditional Round Robin scheduling algorithm, all processes were treated equally for processing. The objective of the… Read More
We are given n-processes with their completion times in form of an array. We need to find the time instant when a given process p… Read More
The most optimal scheduling algorithm is : (A) First come first serve (FCFS) (B) Shortest Job First (SJF) (C) Round Robin (RR) (D) None of… Read More
In previous post, we have discussed Set 1 of SJF i.e. non-preemptive. In this post we will discuss the preemptive version of SJF known as… Read More
Priority scheduling is one of the most common scheduling algorithms in batch systems. Each process is assigned a priority. Process with the highest priority is… Read More
Prerequisite: Banker’s Algorithm The banker’s algorithm is a resource allocation and deadlock avoidance algorithm that tests for safety by simulating the allocation for predetermined maximum… Read More
Prerequisites : Basics of FCFS Scheduling (Program for FCFS Scheduling | Set 1, Program for FCFS Scheduling | Set 2 ) Convoy Effect is phenomenon… Read More
We have already discussed FCFS Scheduling of processes with same arrival time. In this post, scenarios, when processes have different arrival times, are discussed. Given… Read More
  Round Robin is a CPU scheduling algorithm where each process is assigned a fixed time slot in a cyclic way. It is basically the… Read More
  The shortest job first (SJF) or shortest job next, is a scheduling policy that selects the waiting process with the smallest execution time to… Read More
Given n processes with their burst times, the task is to find average waiting time and average turn around time using FCFS scheduling algorithm. First in,… Read More
Which of the following is FALSE about SJF (Shortest Job First Scheduling)? S1: It causes minimum average waiting time S2: It can cause starvation (A)… Read More

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