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C++ strings are sequences of characters stored in a char array. Strings are used to store words and text. They are also used to store… Read More
Prerequisite: Strings in C++ The string is the collection of characters or text in a string variable, surrounded by double quotes. One question arises How… Read More
C++ provides us a facility using which one can represent a sequence of characters as an object of a class. This class is std::string. Internally,… Read More
This function fcvt() converts the floating-point value to NULL-terminated ASCII string and returns a pointer to it. It is defined in the library function defined… Read More
Given an array of strings arr[] consisting of lowercase and uppercase characters only, the task is to modify the array by removing the characters from… Read More
Ropes are scalable string implementation. They are designed for efficient operation that involves the string as a whole. Operations such as assignment, concatenation, and sub-string… Read More
What is string::npos: It is a constant static member value with the highest possible value for an element of type size_t. It actually means until… Read More
Given a positive integer N, representing the count of players playing the game and an array of strings arr[], consisting of the numeric strings made… Read More
Given an array of strings arr[], the task is to find the count of distinct strings present in the array using polynomial rolling hash function.… Read More
Given an array of strings arr[], consisting of strings made up of lowercase and uppercase letters, the task is to print all the strings from… Read More
Given a string, str, the task is to find the indices of the given string such that the count of lexicographically smaller characters on the… Read More
Given a string S consisting of only lowercase English letters. The task is to find the minimum number of times of finger moves to type… Read More
Given string str, the task is to check whether a string is pangram or not using in C++. A string is a Pangram if the… Read More
Hash Function A Hash function is a function that maps any kind of data of arbitrary size to fixed-size values. The values returned by the… Read More
std::string::crbegin() The std::string::crbegin() is a string class built-in function that returns a constant reverse iterator referring to the last element in the string. Using this… Read More

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