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The match_results::length() is a inbuilt function in C++ which is used to return the length of a particular match in the match_results object.Syntax:   smatch_name.length(n) Note:… Read More
The match_results::prefix() is an inbuilt function in C++ which is used to get the string which is preceding the matched string in the input target… Read More
The match_results::operator= is used to replace all the matches in a smatch object with new matches from another smatch object.Syntax:   smatch_name1 = (smatch_name2) Note: smatch_name… Read More
The match_results size() is a inbuilt function in C++ which returns the number of matches ans sub-matches in the match_result object.Syntax:   smatch_name.size() Note: smatch_name is… Read More
The match_results::operator[] is a built function in C++ which used to get the i-th match in the match_result object. It gives the reference to the… Read More
regex_error is present inside the Header “regex” and inside the Class regex_error;. It helps us to know about the errors which are thrown during the… Read More
match_results::cbegin() is an inbuilt function in C++ STL that returns an iterator that points to the first match in the match_results object.  Syntax:  smatch_name.begin() Parameters:… Read More
smatch is an instantiation of the match_results class template for matches on string objects. Functions that can be called using smatch: str(), position(), and length()… Read More
Main classes These classes encapsulate a regular expression and the results of matching a regular expression within a target sequence of characters. basic_regex: Regular expression… Read More
Regex is the short form for “Regular expression”, which is often used in this way in programming languages and many different libraries. It is supported… Read More

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