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The function std::unordered_multimap::insert() is a built-in function in C++ STL that extends container by inserting new element in unordered_multimap. This function increases container size by… Read More
This is the part of Standard Template Library(STL) of C++. To use this STL, use Namespace: std and include “map” header file in the program.… Read More
The multimap::value_comp() method returns a comparison object that can be used to compare two elements to get whether the key of the first one goes… Read More
The multimap::empty() is a boolean type observer function in C++ STL which tells whether the container is empty or not. This function returns true when… Read More
multimap::rbegin() is a built-in-function in C++ STL which returns an iterator pointing to the last element of the container. Syntax: multimap_name.rbegiin() Parameters: The function does… Read More
multimap::rend() is a built-in function in C++ STL which returns a reverse iterator pointing to the theoretical element preceding to the first element of the… Read More
multimap::find() is a built-in function in C++ STL which returns an iterator or a constant iterator that refers to the position where the key is… Read More
Multimap is similar to a map with the addition that multiple elements can have the same keys. Also, it is NOT required that the key-value… Read More

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