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C++ Misc Programs

The console is an OS window through which users interact with the operating system either by entering text input through the computer keyboard or by… Read More
Gamma Function in C++ is described as the factorial for complex and real numbers. This function is used to calculate the factorial on all complex… Read More
Here, we will see how to convert scientific notations to decimals using a C++ program. Example: 1e9 = 1000000000 1e9 = 1000000000.000000 Calculate power using… Read More
Obtaining the color information about the screen pixels is a common operation performed by automation software, which relies on activity on the screen. The process… Read More
The task is to hide and Show the console window of a C++ program. The program for the same is given below. Note: The results… Read More
C++ allows Multithreading by using the ‘thread’ header file. The program acts as one thread but to increase program execution time/performance we can use threads… Read More
Here, we will see how to use this keyword in a class using a C++ program. this keyword in C++ is an implicit pointer that… Read More
A runtime error occurs while the program is running. Because this is not a compilation error, the compilation will be completed successfully. Here, we will… Read More
Interfaces are nothing but a way to describe the behavior of a class without committing to the implementation of the class. In C++ programming there… Read More

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