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This article focuses on function/method overloads by references, as well as the types of arguments that can be passed. Prerequisites:Want to learn from the best… Read More
Sets Sets are a type of associative container in which each element has to be unique because the value of the element identifies it. The… Read More
This function is included in the “boost/algorithm/string” library. The Boost String Algorithms Library provides a generic implementation of string-related algorithms which are missing in STL.… Read More
Given 3 positive integers P, Q, and R, the task is to find the number of pairs such that both the elements are in the… Read More
Lua is a high-level, multi-paradigm programming language, mainly used in embedded applications as well as powerful scripting support for existing products. For Example Scripting enhancement… Read More
In this article, we will discuss the functionality of basic_istream<>::tellg and basic_ostream<>::tellp and the difference between them. tellg(): The function is defined in the istream… Read More
The strtok() function is used in tokenizing a string based on a delimiter. It is present in the header file “string.h” and returns a pointer… Read More
What is arc tangent? The arctangent is the inverse of the tangent function. It returns the angle whose tangent is the given number. We provide… Read More
 C++ offers its users a variety of functions, one of which is included in header files. In C++, all the header files may or may… Read More
Prerequisite: C++ STL, Iterators in C++ STL The iterator is not the only way to iterate through any STL container. There exists a better and… Read More
Standard output stream(cout): cout is the instance of the ostream class. cout is used to produce output on the standard output device which is usually… Read More
This header file consists of platform-dependent and implementation specific floating point values. A floating point has four parts. Sign Its value can be either negative… Read More
clocale: This header file contains declaration of a set of functions and a type for internationalization support tasks. It supports date format or country specific… Read More
Sets are a type of associative containers in which each element has to be unique, because the value of the element identifies it. The value… Read More
Thread::joinable is an in-built function in C++ std::thread. It is an observer function which means it observes a state and then returns the corresponding output… Read More

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