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Given an ellipse with half the major and minor axes length A & B, the task is to find the area of the largest isosceles… Read More
A number line can be used to represent a number or solution of an equation that only has one variable. It is sufficient to describe… Read More
Given a, b, and c the coefficients of X2, X, and the constant term in the general equation of the parabola , the task is to… Read More
Coordinate geometry is the branch of mathematics that deals with plotting the curve on the coordinate axes. Various curves can be plotted on the coordinate… Read More
A Cartesian plane is defined as the intersection of two perpendicular number lines namely the x-axis (horizontal) and the y-axis (vertical). Using these axes, one… Read More
The task is to find all possible triangles having the same perimeter and area. Examples:  The triangle having sides (6, 8, 10) have the same… Read More
The distance formula is one of the important concepts in coordinate geometry which is used widely. By using the distance formula we can find the… Read More
Suppose a point divides a line segment into two parts which may be equal or not, with the help of the section formula we can… Read More
Coordinate geometry is defined as the study of geometry using the coordinate points on the plane with any dimension. Using coordinate geometry, it is possible… Read More
In geometry, a mid-point is the middle point of a line segment which is equidistant from both the endpoints. That point bisects the line into… Read More

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