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A non-destructive method for hiding portions of an image or layer without erasing them is layer masking. Masking is a technique used to clear dense… Read More
We all utilize image compression as a daily tool, thus it’s essential. Without it, sending enormous files would take hours, we would be emailing hundreds… Read More
Typographic design is the skill of composing a message in a way that is both readable and beautiful. The skill of designing a successful design… Read More
The vector shape’s border is known as a path in Photoshop. One or more straight or curved segments make up a path. The path segments’… Read More
Software called Adobe Photoshop is used for graphic design and digital picture modification. It is a tool that enables you to create and edit graphics,… Read More
Photoshop is a popular program that has a variety of tools. Some of the most common tools used for digital graphic design are Vector tools.… Read More
In Adobe Photoshop, channels are a way to store and manipulate color information in an image. Each channel represents a particular color component, such as… Read More
When it comes to Text and Shape formatting in PowerPoint, then it provides many options which can be used to create mind-blowing Infographics. Whether you… Read More
Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular photo editors, not only used to edit photos but also to create graphics. Introduced by Adobe in… Read More
Downloading is a phenomenon in which we receive data from the internet on your system. For example- music, video, audio, etc., and Bandwidth is measured… Read More
A pen tool is a standard tool used in Photoshop which helps create paths and shapes of various sizes to create selections that can later… Read More

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