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Cognizant is one of the biggest MNCs’ which comes to recruit huge number of students each year both On-campus and Off-campus. In our college, Cognizant… Read More
Round 1: I am a mechanical engineer, cognizant was came to my college.First round will be quite easy which consist of quants, logical resoning, verbal… Read More
Round 1: This was an online test conducted through Amcat. There were an English section, quants section, logical and the Automata fix(Can be called as… Read More
Round 1:This round comprised of an online test on AMCAT. Sections included quants, verbal, automata fix. Automata fix had questions regarding – finding the exponential… Read More
I am sharing my Cognizant Interview experience with you guys. Round-1 The first round comprised of 62 MCQ questions including verbal, aptitude, logical and Automata… Read More
There was 3 round for the Cognizant interview. Written Technical HR Technical Round: Cognizant came to our college on 1st September 2019. The written test… Read More
Hi Everyone, Here you can read my On-Campus interview experience of cognizant(2020 Batch) .. Round 1: First round was all about how good you are in… Read More
I got a chance to sit for the recruitment process of COGNIZANT (2020). This was an ON-CAMPUS Drive which took place in our own college.… Read More
Round 1:This round consists of  4 sections conducted through amcat. 1.Logical ability 2.Verbal Ability 3.Quantitative Aptitude 4.Automata Fix Out of 300 students, 89 members were… Read More
Round 1:  The first round of the Interview consisted of a basic Preliminary test on English, Aptitude, Logical Reasoning and a Coding section. We were… Read More
Round 1:Aptitude Test (Take From Home ) For Round 1-Basic Questions from all chapters of Aptitude will do.(Preferred Book-R.S Agarwal) .For Logical Reasoning and English… Read More
First of all I cleared the aptitude round which consisted of  Quants, Logical, English and Coding(Debugging) through Amcat portal. I had to take the test… Read More
Cognizant Recruitment Process: Click Here to check Cognizant’s Recruitment Process. Aptitude Placement Papers Cognizant Placement Paper | Aptitude Set 1 Cognizant Placement Paper | Aptitude… Read More
I got an opportunity to seat for Cognizant off-campus drive through Amcat. The first round was an online test on Quants, logical, English and Coding(Debugging)… Read More
Round 1:  Cognizant  recruitment process starts with online test, system must be webcam enabled. The test was conducted on aspiring minds platform. The test has 4… Read More

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