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I got connected to the folks hiring at CodeNation by a 3rd party company called CareerSocially who scouted me through my LinkedIn profile. After a… Read More
Codenation offers one of the best processes, testing the overall knowledge of the candidate. Interviewing with Codenation is always an experience to remember. I was… Read More
Round 1: The first round was a coding round hosted on the HackerRank platform. There were 3 questions and we had 75 mins to solve… Read More
Given an array of positive integers(may contain duplicates) and a number ‘m’, find the number of unordered triplets ((Ai, Aj, Ak) and (Aj, Ai, Ak)… Read More
Given an array of integers and an integer x. Find the length of maximum size subarray having an average of integers greater than or equal… Read More
CodeNation visited our Campus for Hiring Summer Interns. The process was as follows: 1) Online Coding Round 3 questions based on Data Structures and Algorithms,… Read More
About the Company Recruitment Process Questions asked in Codenation Interview Experiences Where To Apply About the Company: CodeNation is a software solutions company that is… Read More
There was 1 coding round (Codagon hosted on Hackerrank) and 4 interview rounds. At first, you have to appear in coding contest Codagon. After that,… Read More
We have to paint n boards of length {A1, A2, .. An}. There are k painters available and each takes 1 unit time to paint… Read More
We have to paint n boards of length {A1, A2…An}. There are k painters available and each takes 1 unit of time to paint 1… Read More
Stack It is a linear data structure that follows a particular order in which the operations are performed. To implement the stack, it is required… Read More
I recently applied for the position of an intern as a software developer. Here is my interview experience in brief: The whole interview was classified… Read More
Given a string that (may) be appended with a number at last. You need to find whether the length of string excluding that number is… Read More
I applied for CodeNation off campus. Round 1: It was an online programming round. It had 4 questions which were of Competitive programming nature. The… Read More
I applied for two month long summer internship in codenation. It was an On-campus internship recruitment.  It consisted of : 1. Coding Round: It had 3… Read More

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