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Prerequisites – Identity as a Service (IDaaS) as a cloud Based service, Service classes and system codes of conduct in IDaaS Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) refers identity… Read More
A Service Level Agreement (SLA) is the bond for performance negotiated between the cloud services provider and the client. Earlier, in cloud computing all Service… Read More
1. Networked Identity Service Classes: To validate transactions, web sites, network services, transaction participants-many form of identity services-are deployed on networks. Token or tickets providing certificate… Read More
Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) refers identity and access management services provided through the cloud on a subscription basis. Identity-as-a-Service is typically fully on-premises and provided via set… Read More
Prerequisite – Introduction to Cloud Computing, Research challenges of cloud Application portability in cloud computing provides flexibility to move to different platforms or different cloud… Read More
Load balancing is an essential technique used in cloud computing to optimize resource utilization and ensure that no single resource is overburdened with traffic. It… Read More
NIST Cloud Computing reference architecture defines five major performers:  Cloud Provider Cloud Carrier Cloud Broker Cloud Auditor Cloud Consumer Each performer is an object (a… Read More
Prerequisite – Virtualization In Cloud Computing and Types Figure – Major cloud computing research challenges There are 10 major cloud computing research challenges which are… Read More
Cloud computing applications develops by leveraging platforms and frameworks. Various types of services are provided from the bare metal infrastructure to customize-able applications serving specific… Read More
IBM Cloud: IBM cloud is the cloud that is given by the IBM to their user it includes infrastructure as a service (IaaS), software as… Read More
Prerequisite – Virtualization In Cloud Computing and Types  1. Increased Security –  The ability to control the execution of a guest program in a completely… Read More
Cloud computing is Internet-based computing in which a shared pool of resources is available over broad network access, these resources can be provisioned or released… Read More
Amazon, Google, Microsoft are all in the running to provide cloud storage for the umpteen amount of data spread across globally. A simple solution to… Read More
What is Azure? Azure is Microsoft’s cloud platform, just like Google has its Google Cloud and Amazon has its Amazon Web Service or AWS.000. Generally,… Read More
Cloud Computing can be defined as the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data,… Read More