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Pre-requisite: Alibaba Cloud Alibaba Cloud is a subsidiary of Alibaba Group that provides a suite of cloud computing services, including data storage, virtual machines, and… Read More
Pre-requisites: Grid Computing Middleware refers to the software that sits between the application layer and the underlying hardware infrastructure and enables the various components of… Read More
Azure moves development expenses from Capital Expenditures (CapEx) for setting up and maintaining facilities to Operating Expenditures (OpEx) for renting infrastructure as needed, including computation,… Read More
Pre-requisites: Cloud Computing, Server Virtualization Server consolidation in cloud computing refers to the process of combining multiple servers into a single, more powerful server or… Read More
Pre-requisite: Google Cloud Google Cloud Architecture Framework is a set of best practices and guidelines provided by Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to help users design,… Read More
Pre-requisite: Cloud Computing Cloud computing is a model for delivering information technology services in which resources are retrieved from the internet through web-based tools and… Read More
Alibaba Cloud is a subsidiary of Alibaba Group, one of the largest technology companies in China. It provides a wide range of cloud computing services,… Read More
Pre-requisite: Cloud Computing The failover system technique makes use of established clustering technologies to provide redundant implementations in order to boost the availability and reliability… Read More
Centralized computing refers to a system where all processing and data storage is handled by a single, central device or system. This central device is… Read More
Distributed computing refers to a system where processing and data storage is distributed across multiple devices or systems, rather than being handled by a single… Read More
Cloud printing is the practice of printing documents and other types of files from a remote computer or device via the internet as opposed to… Read More
Pre-requisite: Cloud Computing A resource pool is a group of resources that can be assigned to users. Resources of any kind, including computation, network, and… Read More
Cloud storage is a cloud computing concept where data is stored on the internet by a cloud computing provider who manages and administers data storage… Read More
Alibaba Cloud is a cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI) technology company that provides a variety of cloud-based products and services, including computing, storage, networking,… Read More
Pre-requisite: Cloud Computing In cloud computing, resilience refers to a cloud system’s capacity to bounce back from setbacks and carry on operating normally. Hardware malfunctions,… Read More

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