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Hello fellow geeks! I will be sharing all that you should know about Cisco’s Ideathon which is a national-level contest that Cisco organizes to provide… Read More
CISCO visited our campus to hire a Software Engineer for a Full-time role. The recruitment drive consisted of 5 Rounds : ROUND 1: ONLINE ASSESSMENT:… Read More
Online Coding Round: There were 42 Questions having 40 MCQs and 2 Coding Questions. MCQs contain questions from OS, OOPs, Mathematical Aptitude, and the majority… Read More
About Cisco:Cisco’s purpose is to power an inclusive future for all. We believe in the power of technology and what it makes possible for our… Read More
Online coding Round (1 hour 30 minutes): We were asked 2 coding questions. One was based on Floyd Warshall’s algorithm and the other one was… Read More
My Cisco Ideation 2022 Journey Cisco Ideathon is a flagship hiring program by Cisco Systems to hire final year students from NetAcad colleges across India.… Read More
Preparation Tips: CS Fundamentals should be clear. As Cisco is a Networking company, you should be thorough with the Networking subject very well. Go through… Read More
Cisco recently visited the IIT BHU campus to offer a 2-month internship for the upcoming summer of 2023. An online coding round was conducted on… Read More
Cisco recently visited my campus for 2 roles: Software EngineerData Engineer(Eligible branches were CSE, CSBS, and ISE only with a Minimum 8.5 CGPA) Round-1(mode: Online,… Read More
There are three rounds of interview : Technical interview:  First, they asked me to tell about myself, then they asked me to find the maximum… Read More
Cisco recently visited my campus for 3 roles -: Software Engineer Data Engineer Site Reliability Engineer (Eligible branches were CSE and ISE only with a… Read More
 Pre-requisite- Types of Network Topology LAN stands for Local-area Network. It is a computer network that covers a relatively small area such as within a… Read More
A local Area Network (LAN) is a data communication network connecting various terminals or computers within a building or limited geographical area. In this article,… Read More
In a Ring topology, there is a circular data path. Each of the devices is connected to two other devices in the network. Data is… Read More
Cisco came to our campus to hire freshers for the role of Network Engineer, FTE and Internship. Around 1000 students applied for the role. Round… Read More

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