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Cisco company visited our campus on January 17th,2023, they conducted total 4 rounds Round 1: 1st round contains basic engineering concepts DBMS, OS, DSA, and… Read More
One online assessment round and four interviews were conducted. Every round was eliminatory. Core subjects like Networking and Operating systems are important for interviews as… Read More
The MAC (Media Access Control) address is a 48-bit physical identity of a device used to uniquely identify a device in layer 2 of the… Read More
In a Cisco network, it is important to periodically delete the configuration of routers and switches to ensure that the network is running smoothly and… Read More
The operating system that Cisco uses in many of its products is called Cisco IOS, and you can communicate with it using a command line… Read More
One shared password for all authentication purposes is not the safest method. Giving each person a login and password makes tracking them easier. There are… Read More
IOS software images and other files are typically stored in embedded flash memory in Cisco equipment (e.g., backup configuration files). In NVRAM, the startup configuration… Read More
Flash memory is another name for the sort of memory frequently found in routers. It is a memory that can be read and written too,… Read More
An IOS mode is a collection of commands used to customize a set of related features or to manage a specific area of the device.… Read More
The main purpose of the Cisco Packet Tracer is to help students learn the principles of networking with hands-on experience as well as develop Cisco… Read More
A Router is a networking device that forwards data packets between computer networks. If the system does not respond to requests sent from the console… Read More
OSPF is a Link State Routing Protocol. In this method of Routing the Router shares its neighbor knowledge with everyone in the router. In OSPF… Read More
Pre-requisites: EIGRP Implementation in Cisco, EIGRP FUNDAMENTALS. EIGRP stub area routing is a feature specifically designed to improve network scalability and stability. It is most… Read More
Pre-requisites: RIP, super netting Supernetting is mainly used in Route Summarization, where routes to multiple networks with similar network prefixes are combined into a single… Read More
A firewall is a type of network security device component that is used to keep track of incoming and outgoing network traffic and then make… Read More

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