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CISCO Java and spring boot  interview experience for 2+ years experience There were total 5 rounds Hackerrank online coding test 1st technical round 2nd technical… Read More
Level: Easy There were 5 rounds. Round 1(Online Test): 60 mins, 17 questions 15 MCQs related to Networking, Aptitude and Computer Science basics. 2 coding… Read More
Round 1: 10 Mcq along with 2 coding questions. Mcqs were mostly based on Networking, Aptitude. Coding Question- Medium to Hard Level But both questions… Read More
Round 1(Online Coding Test – 60 mins): It consisted of 15MCQs with 2 Coding Questions. MCQs were based on topics like Computer Networks, Operating Systems,… Read More
I am an Electrical & Electronics Engineering student of the 2022 batch and I recently applied at Cisco as part of my campus placements. They… Read More
Round 1: Written Test  15 MCQs along with 2 coding questions. MCQs were based on topics like Computer Networks(related to HTTP error handling) and aptitude-based… Read More
Screening Round: This round comprised of 25 MCQ and 1 Coding Question. 25 MCQ: 15(Network based) + 5(Aptitude) + 5(Time Complexity + DSA + DBMS)… Read More
Round 1(Written Test): Time – 60 min Total – 17 Question first 15 was multiple-choice questions and the last two were coding questions. The main… Read More
Role – Software Development Engineer Round 1: This round was conducted on HackerRank platform. Round 1 consisted of 15 MCQs and 1 coding problem.  The… Read More
Role – Technical Consulting Engineer(FTE 2021) Round 1(Online Test – 1 hr): Consisted of around 24-25 MCQ ranging from topics like Networking, SQL, Python, Java,… Read More
Hello everyone, Cisco visited our campus on August 5th 2021 for full time roles for 2022 graduating batch.  ROUND 1(ONLINE TEST): 1 Hour  15 MCQS… Read More
Hello everyone, I am an MCA student, this is my interview experience from my on-campus placement at CISCO India. ROUND 1(CODING ROUND) – 1 hour… Read More
Hello fellow Geeks! I’ll be sharing how I got selected as CX intern via Ideathon at Cisco(India). First of all, consistency is the key. Ideathon… Read More
Round 1 CGPA cutoff is 7.0 and no backlogs, from my campus around 400+ students applied it is open for CSE and ECE streams. Eligible… Read More
This is a first-hand experience of the Cisco Campus Ambassador program experience with some tips and tricks to prepare better. The Application: This involved some… Read More