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Prerequisite:  Insert Element Circular Doubly Linked List. Convert an Array to a Circular Doubly Linked List. Given the start pointer pointing to the start of… Read More
The problem is to reverse the given doubly circular linked list. Examples: Input:  Output:   Recommended: Please try your approach on {IDE} first, before moving on to… Read More
Prerequisite: Doubly Linked list, Circular Linked List, Circular Doubly Linked ListGiven an array of N elements. The task is to write a program to convert… Read More
Given n people standing in a circle where 1st has a sword, find the luckiest person in the circle, if, from 1st soldier who is… Read More
Given Circular linked list exchange the first and the last node. The task should be done with only one extra node, you can not declare… Read More
Given a singly linked list, we have to convert it into circular linked list. For example, we have been given a singly linked list with… Read More
There are n people standing in a circle waiting to be executed. The counting out begins at some point in the circle and proceeds around… Read More
Given a circular linked list, count the number of nodes in it. For example, the output is 5 for the below list.  Recommended: Please try… Read More
Prerequisite – Circular Singly Linked List We have discussed basics and how to implement circular queue using array in set 1. Circular Queue | Set… Read More
We have discussed the doubly circular linked list introduction and its insertion.Let us formulate the problem statement to understand the deletion process. Given a ‘key’,… Read More
We have already discussed circular linked list and traversal in a circular linked list in the below articles: Introduction to circular linked list Traversal in a circular… Read More
Deque or Double Ended Queue is a generalized version of Queue data structure that allows insert and delete at both ends.In previous post we had… Read More
We have discussed Singly and Circular Linked List in the following post: Singly Linked List Circular Linked List Why Circular? In a singly linked list, for accessing… Read More
Given a Binary Tree, convert it to a Circular Doubly Linked List (In-Place).   The left and right pointers in nodes are to be used as… Read More
Given a singly linked list, find if the linked list is circular or not. A linked list is called circular if it is not NULL-terminated… Read More

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